German Shepherds are the most well mannered and obedient breed of dogs. German Shepherds are also very intelligent as they can learn a number of commands and they show an eagerness to please their owners. At Kraftwerk K9, German Shepherd dogs are bred and trained according to the highest Schutzhund standards. Kraftwerk K9 is owned by Wayne Curry, an experienced dog trainer and breeder. Wayne Curry founded the facility in 1986 and then it was only a 5 acre compound. Wayne Curry himself designed four kennels for the dogs and started training them. Today Kraftwerk K9 covers an area of over 25 acres and the facility houses spacious kennels for the dogs along with training grounds. The facility also has accommodations for the trainers and managers of the dogs who are at the place all year round for training and taking care of the German Shepherds.

The German Shepherds trained by Kraftwerk K9 are used in a number of areas that vary from police work, schutzhund championships, security services, as pets and many more. Wayne Curry has taken part in more than 100 tournaments over the years where he has received great praise for performance of the German Shepherds trained by him. Wayne Curry follows the strict schutzhund practices of training the German Shepherds under which the dogs are trained for tracking, obedience and protection.

Kraftwerk K9 also provides a wide range of training supplies for German Shepherds along with training manuals and videos that can help dog owners in training their German Shepherds. Wayne Curry also provides obedience and discipline classes for dog and their owners on a regular basis. Find out more about Kraftwerk K9 and Wayne Curry by browsing through this website.

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